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Custom Cover Solutions for all your indoor or outdoor investments!
Custom Covers for BBQ smokers, BBQ Charcoal Grills, Outdoor Kitchen Gas BBQ Islands, Vertical smokers, Fire pit Covers, Patio Furniture, and much more from any manufacturer. Custom covers can be made for anything indoor, outdoor, medical, industrial, or commercial. Custom vinyl covers have are made from automotive grade vinyl. Custom vinyl covers are know to last 8 years or more.

Custom Vinyl Covers

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Custom Vinyl Covers are made with heavy-duty, high quality automotive vinyl that is flame retardant; UV protected and resists cold cracking down to -20 degrees so when it is too cold for most to grill just go for it! Our custom vinyl covers also, have natural mold inhibitors in it.

We use a heavy thread on our custom covers to hold up to the wind, rain, cold and sun. We use either velcro or drawstring in our custom covers. Absolutely NO zippers will be used as on any custom covers as they are not water proof. Custom vinyl Covers can be made for any indoor or outdoor item from your dimensions.

Our custom covers are available in Black, Tan, and Brown or Gray however, you can always ask for other color options. Provide the dimensions of your indoor or outdoor item; will be custom made to your measurements.

 TIP: Measure Twice!

  • BBQ's - Portable, Custom Pits, Pellet, Grills, Charcoal,or Discontinued
  • BBQ-Smokers –Custom, Pellet, Commercial Gas, Vertical Smokers, Barrel or Drum -BDS ,UDS,Big Poppa, Ceramic -Primo Grill, Big Green Egg or Red Egg, Kamado Mate,Trailer Mounted BBQ Smokers, BBQ Islands, RV BBQ's, Marine BBQ's, Pig Roasters, Trailer BBQ, Outdoor Island Kitchens, Outdoor Stoves, Propane Smokers,
  • Gas Grills - Gas Grill Smokers, Outdoor Kitchen Gas Grills, Discontinued
  • Fire Pits, Fire Rings, Outdoor Fire Places, Chimnea's - Custom, Square, Round, Rectangular,Discontinued
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven's
  • Firewood Storage Covers
  • RV Propane Tanks, BBQ Propane Tanks
  • Side Burners - DCS
  • Outdoor Living: Yard Furniture, Patio Furniture,Poly Furniture, Wicker Furniture, Teak Furniture, Rectangular Outdoor Tables, Chaise Lounge Chairs,Chairs
  • Custom Bars with faucet and tap
  • Motor Cyles - Harley Davidson, BMW, Triumph's or
  • Riding Lawn Mowers
  • Spare Tire Covers for RV’s, Trailers, Motor Homes, Jeep’s, Blazer’s, SUV’s                           
  • Tire Guards for Classics
  • Motorized Wheel Chairs - Jazzy etc
  • Pool Tables, Ping Pong Table
  • Air Conditioners
  • Any Commercial, Medical and Industrial machinery equipment.
  • OR........
Warranty Period: We carry a 1 year warranty on custom vinyl covers that will cover any defects in sewing of your custom vinyl cover. If a problem should arrive just shot us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to fix or replace the custom vinyl cover as needed.

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